Castle—Dordogne River Valley
Castle—Dordogne River Valley, Watercolour- France. © SA Sutton

Travel has created a new chapter in my artistic career touring Europe over the past years with friend and fellow artist
Dana Jackson. It’s a simple life on the road in a camper come art studio with each day bringing new sights and adventures.

Many years of painting experience have given me the confidence to quickly capture a scene in oil or watercolour when we stop along the way. My sketchbooks are full of visual memories of special places. There’s inspiration at every turn with rich colours, textures and moods waiting to be transformed into unique paintings.

One of the highlights for me was taking part in French and Italian artist days and exhibitions. A wealth of talented artists and people from all walks of life gather to enjoy the event, some becoming our long term friends.

Teaching and demonstrating art in Italy was a new challenge for me and I was thankful for one of the students, who came to my aid as interpreter, resulting in a lot of fun and laughter and some wonderful art.

Apart from the benefit travel has had on my education, I feel my art is also evolving as I try new techniques and styles that have impressed me. I’m always reaching for that elusive goal and satisfaction of producing a painting that reflects my deep personal response to a scene.

I am a member of and exhibit with the NZ Academy of Fine Arts and Watercolour New Zealand, where I was guest artist in 2007.

In 2006 I was awarded a first prize in the Rotary Art Show at Paraparaumu, New Zealand. In France in 2007 I attained first prize for an oil painting of the Normandy Cliffs.

My work was selected by Watercolour New Zealand to be shown in an international exhibition in Mexico, and I have been fortunate to take part in other exhibitions during my travels around the world.

We leave again in May this year for another European summer, spending some time in China on the way where we will walk The Great Wall and paint some of the spectacular scenery China has to offer.
I have taught and demonstrated in Europe and New Zealand and enjoy passing on my knowledge to others in both watercolour and oil painting. For more information on art classes or any of my paintings I can be contacted via email.